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Help for Harley

While we specialise in furniture, we restore other leather pieces as well. This old Harley Davidson motorbike seat had the finish worn from years of use and required new colour and topcoat. With all the lacing, a re trim would be quite expensive but as you can see from the result, not necessary.

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A Change is as good as a holiday

Over the Christmas break, this customer organised to have their lounge get the ultimate makeover. They had organised for some new dining chairs that were a deep chocolate brown with a gloss finish. Their request was to match their existing lounge suite to these chairs. In great condition and easy to disassemble, it was a [...]

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Kudos to a Kudu Couch

Just about every animal skin has been processed into leather for all types of uses. This couch and ottoman is our first antelope couch! The Kudu antelope is the largest in Africa and our customer has owned this Kudu leather couch and ottoman for 25 years. This couch has been all around the world!Stained and [...]

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New Years Resolution

In our throw away society, it's nice to see more restoration work being done. This customer had beautiful aniline leather chairs that have become stained and faded in just a few years. It was very expensive furniture and they have lots of it as they are a commercial business. Their New Years resolution is to [...]

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Danish Makeover

These lovely old danish chairs had seen better days but with some new leather in places and a colour change, they have a very new look just in time for Christmas.

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Christmas Cheer

This time of year can bring out the best and the worst in people. I recently had a project that I completed that the customer was totally dissatisfied with. I made every attempt to produce as high a quality result as I could but in the end it seemed nothing I did was going to [...]

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Colour Blending on New Leather

Sometimes leather is too damaged to restore and new leather is necessary. With older Chesterfield couches, we specialise on colour blending new leather into old. These older colour hides are no longer made so this is where a recolour is necessary. The challenge is in replicating colour to produce a result that makes the couch [...]

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Aniline Leather Chair Care

Aniline Leather has beautiful properties but is prone to staining, fading and losing its moisture. The most important aspects in caring for this leather is to keep it moisturised and protected. While you can also topically clean aniline, deep staining and body oil accumulation require full restorations. Leather Restoration Co has developed the products to [...]

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