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Leather Restoration



Leather Restoration Co has solutions to your leather problems that suit your budget in the form of DIY (do it yourself) cleaning, care and colour restoration systems. In a flagging world economy, we have developed an alternative to using our professional services. Now you have the opportunity to care for and/or complete a colour restoration of your leather furniture using a professional system without the professional price!

Cleaning, Moisturising and Protecting

The most under-rated aspect of caring for your leather furniture is maintenance. Blogs on the internet offer "home remedies" that can actually harm your leather. Retailers will offer you a care package that is a third of the quantity you need at 3 times the price and simply doesn't work!

Leather is preserved skin and can lose moisture and strength due to the use of inappropriate cleaning products. Leather Restoration Co's cleaning and care systems are unique products developed to solve the problems for which we ourselves have been seeking solutions not met by existing commercially available products.

Interested in purchasing Leather Restoration Co care products? Do you want the real answers as to why you should clean and care for your leather furniture? Click here to download.

Colour Restoration and Repair

We have refined the steps of our professional leather restoration process into a workable rub/brush on application. We assemble a DIY system specific to your problem. This attention to unique needs ensures your success. By providing knowledge, instructions, and materials, custom designed for your leather furniture issues, we are delivering solutions, not simply selling products.

By emailing photos and posting us a sample of your leather, we can develop your customised DIY leather restoration kit. The kit includes everything - the application tools, detailed instructions and custom colour matched products. Your kit will provide you with everything necessary to achieve a professional-level restoration. We provide the technically difficult part of the process - analysing your leather, and from that create the appropriate priming and colouring strategy.

As leather restoration specialists, with many years of experience, we understand the issues - the wide variety of leather types present in the market-place, customer usage patterns, different tannery-based colouring strategies, and in-the-home environmental issues (e.g. sun exposure, wear patterns, stains, body oils, pet damage, or heat exposure). These considerations make your project unique. After years of use, every leather piece presents challenges to the restoration process. Thus, your furniture problems need to be addressed individually in order to achieve a satisfactory, long-lasting result. With our help and our custom-created leather restoration kit, the solution is practical, functional, and easy to apply.

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