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Leather Restoration Co's owner, Pat Bates, has over 30 years experience in leather repair and leather restoration. With foundations in the automotive industry, Pat is also firmly established in the leather furniture upholstery industry. His broad skill set also includes repair solutions to plastic and vinyl. Whether your leather car seat  or your leather lounge needs cleaning, repair or restoration we are here to help. Pat has developed leather repair products and techniques that other leather technicians are currently using in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States.


Leather Couch and Leather Car Interior Cleaning

leather-cleaning-400.jpgSoiling and staining detracts from the beauty of your leather furniture or leather car interior. If your leather has a surface finish, we can usually effect dramatic cleaning results (visit our info page to help you determine your leather type). We can also generally improve the aesthetics of soiled suede and nubuck leathers. Deterioration as a result of sun-fading, dye transfer (from fabrics or printed materials, and more recently- fake tan!), body oil accumulation or finish failure, requires leather restoration and color application, the next step beyond a simple cleaning. All cleanings except suede or nubuck include the application of a conditioner that will help maintain the moisture content of your leather. If you have a finished leather, and want to tackle the project yourself, we have product available for you to use.

Find out more about our leather cleaning services here >

Leather Car Seat and Leather Lounge Repair


Experience makes the difference. Over the past 30+ years, we have successfully completed thousands of repairs to damaged automotive leather and leather couches. Cuts, rips, burns, scrapes, scratches, ink, stitching problems, etc, are all repairable. Our leather repairs are meant to be permanent solutions, not quick fixes. Our colour-matching skills are unparalleled and most repairs are virtually invisible. All repairs are a dramatic improvement over the existing damage, and are structurally sound. The results are dependent on the severity of the damage and the integrity of the leather. Because we have the finest repair materials, applied by experienced, skilled technicians, the results are the best they can be. 

Find out more about our leather repair services here >

Finish Applications and Refinishing

refinishing-400.jpg For car leather interiors or lounge suites that need full restoration (sun-faded, ph damaged, extensive finish failure, or dye-transfer, for example), we can offer finish applications that will restore the car interior or couch to like-new condition, at a cost far less than that of replacement. We can tailor our services to meet your requirements, and your budget. We can review the specifics of your furniture or automotive interior and come up with options for restoration.



Find out more about our leather restoration services here >

Leather Colour Change to Car Interiors and Lounge Suites. 

colour-change-400.jpg We are often called upon to change the color of leather lounges and leather car interiors. This is one of our unique specialties. If you have a faded medium brown piece, and desire a rich, hunter green, we can do it. We can create the colour of your choice on your existing leather that reflects your changing decor or preference. There are specific considerations in a color change project.






Partial Leather Replacement

partial-replacement-2-400.jpgSometimes, due to age or damage, certain panels or sections of your leather recliner, couch, or leather car seat require replacement. This would be a difficult-to-impossible task, were it not for our custom colour-matching skills. We can take a piece of leather, match it to your existing colour, and upholster it, saving the cost of replacing the leather on the entire piece of furniture or car seat.







Leather Desks, Table-tops, Walls, Beds...

leather-desks-400.jpg Our craftsmen have repaired, re-coloured, replaced, and installed new leather on a wide variety of pieces where the leather is affixed to a hard substrate, like a desk-top. We have worked with cabinet makers, furniture designers, and furniture builders in installing custom-coloured leather panels in a variety of locations. If gold accent is required, then we're the craftsmen to see. Leather flooring, leather-covered doors or walls, whatever the application, we have the expertise to solve your problem, and assist you in creating the look you want to achieve.





Unique Leather Applications

unique-applications-400.jpg Do you have a unique project that requires the crafting and colouring of leather? Talk to us about your project. Over the years we have worked with many designers and architects, sharing our unique expertise and application experience with leather as a medium. We can create coloured effects such as antiquing on leather and have the experience and skill to help you translate your vision to reality.






Stitching Problems

Seams that have come apart can be resewn by hand rather than having to have your leather lounge taken to an upholsterer for machine sewing.

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