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Leather Restoration Co

Bring new life to your leather through our repair services

Has your leather car seat or couch seen better days? If your leather car interior or lounge has experienced wear and tear over the years, it’s time to give it a facelift. Melbourne’s Leather Restoration Co provides unique restoration and repair services to give your car or furniture a new lease on life. With over 30 years experience restoring all types of leather goods, Pat Bates can help you with all your leather couch and automotive repair/care needs, along with DIY leather repair and restoration kits.

Contact us for all your leather upholstery repair and restoration needs in Melbourne.

Automotive and Furniture leather upholstery repair products and services

Over years of research we have developed leather sofa and leather car seat restoration and repair products that can't be purchased anywhere else. These products have been formulated to keep your leather pH balanced and are purchased by technicians worldwide simply because they work.

If leather is worn or faded we can provide partial or full colour restoration. We can even change the colour of your couch to suit a change of décor in your home. If a section is too damaged for restoration, we can replace the section and colour match it to blend with the surrounding leather.

If you are a hands-on person, you can restore your leather furniture, leather car seats or leather steering wheel yourself with one of our DIY repair kits. Whether it is restoring worn sofa cushions, repairing accidental / cat scratch damage or restoring your leather car seat where it gets worn getting in and out of your car, Email Us with your needs and we will construct a personalised DIY leather restoration system to solve your problem.

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