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Pull up tidy up

This pull up leather couch has seen a lot of family activity over the years and was in need of an overall overhaul. Being a type of unfinished leather, it had accumulated a lot of oil in the head and armrest areas. Once the oil had been extracted, we converted it to a finished leather. [...]

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Mega Makeover Month

September has come and gone and we recorded our second best month ever! At times our floor space was so crammed with projects that it was like a maze to get from A to B through a pathway of gaps between couches! Not only were we busy in the factory, but you DIYers were busy [...]

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Largest Antique Restoration (So Far)

No job is too big...It just takes longer to do! Some projects make more sense to do on site as they could get damaged in transport anyhow which defeats the purpose of taking them back to the factory. In the case of local and other governments, you usually only have a limited timeframe to complete [...]

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A Deluge of DIY Delights

July saw our best month ever in DIY sales with kits ranging from small tear repair kits to car seat colour restoration right through to large full colour change restorations on modular couches. We've been busy!  We also broke another record with our oldest DIYer! This 85 year old gentleman restored his favourite leather jacket. [...]

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Vinyl Repair

I haven't repaired much vinyl in years but with the current school holidays I've worked on 2 school mini buses these past 2 weeks and some car seats. A customer brought this seat in today. It's a common design fault with some models and this repair was larger than I would normally choose to do, [...]

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Jaguar Month

May 2016 I've dubbed Jaguar month as I haven't restored this many in such a short space of time in many years. From full interiors to front seats to DIY's for jaguar car club members, I really enjoyed working on these classic prestige cars. The before and after photos below features our product Leatha Menda [...]

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A Technician's Testimonial

Developing products for colleagues in the same trade can sometimes require a bit of convincing that the product might help them achieve a better result than what they previously were using. I've found if I could win over a fellow technician then I've really achieved something as these are the hardest to win over. It's [...]

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Antique Leather Restoration

Occasionally customers bring in family heirlooms for restoration. This changes up the everyday routine of leather couches and car interiors!

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Automotive Restoration...Our past revisited

With our origins in the automotive industry, we have had a surge in restoring leather interiors, steering wheels and other types of interior automotive trim these past few months. So much so, we are looking to expand our staff to meet this demand. If you see yourself working in this field and are not colour [...]

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Bold Repairs... When your products perform

Before I developed Leatha Menda and Super Seal Filler, I wouldn't attempt repairs as extensive as this. I just didn't have the confidence that the repair, although virtually invisible, would last. 5 years on and these two products have revolutionised repair possibilities for leather technicians all around the globe. If nothing else, they've helped decrease [...]

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