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Service Testimonials

"Thanks to Pat at Leather Restoration Co, I now have an almost new lounge suite again. All it took was some tailored advice, professional quality products, and a weekend of elbow grease, to bring my 20 year old lounges back to their former glory. Absolutely chuffed."

 Jenny Eshman Queensland

Just wanted to convey the gratitude of a customer who rang singing the praises of your work. He gave you an excellent commendation and kept reiterating that you were an excellent leather technician. He was delighted saying that in this day and age it’s rare to come across a tradesperson like yourself. Thank you for your high standards in assisting our customers. I will continue to refer customers direct to you.

Dear Pat

The suite and chesterfield arrived back in Queanbeyan at 7am this morning (Tuesday) and we have unpacked and returned them to their places. I just
want to give you some feedback.

I am extremely pleased with what you have achieved and they look absolutely marvellous. The rebuild on the chesterfield has restored this piece offurniture and it looks stunning in the study against the antique French desk and library unit.

With the suite, the interpretation of the apricot/latte colour by you and your staff is exactly right, and I now have not only an extremely well-made
suite, but also one which reflects colours of the 21st century.

With regard to your customer service and patience in trying to interpret my ideas by long-distance telephone, I certainly commend your mind-reading
abilities. And last but not least, your promptness and commitment to meet such a tight deadline was really appreciated. We now have places to sit
over Christmas. Many, many thanks.

Any leather work we need in the future will definitely be done by you and your staff.

I expect that you will share this email with your staff, as they too are part of the success. Also I am happy for this to be shared with potential
customers so they know what type of operation you run.

Merry Christmas and have a safe and healthy New Year.

With warmest wishes to you all

Joanne Warren-Wilson
16 December 2014

DIY Testimonials

I picked up a 40 year old Norwegian leather chair and ottoman from gumtree for $200 - it's leather was in need of some major love and attention

After much googling i made contact with an American company whom I concluded was THE authority on leather restoration worldwide- I asked them if they could ship me the products to me in Melbourne so I could restore the leather myself.

They were great but found it funny I had contacted them- told me I was in luck because the most technically capable leather expert they knew was right here in Melbourne- using pretty much the same products/techniques they were using- you guessed it Pat at Leather Restoration co.

I took my leather seat in to Pat and he was fantastic. His technical knowledge of leather care was incredible- it was immediately clear why he is so well regarded. He prepared a tailor made DIY pack to enable me to breathe new life into the leather. 5 days later the job is all done and I could not be happier with the results!

Step by step instructions and extremely high quality products in the kit including applicators.

Pat was also kind enough to answer questions I had during the restoration process - it was clear he just wanted me to be successful and happy with my results.

It's rare to come across someone who is so cable and experienced yet so willing to share his knowledge with others.

I could not recommend Pat and his company more highly.



Just to let you know that I have been amazed at the effectiveness of your leather restoration products. The easy to use products and clear instructions mean anyone who can work a sponge can transform their old leather furniture. Attached are before and after photographs of my 17 year old lounge to prove the point. Many thanks and keep up the good work.


img-0585.jpg      img-0586.jpg

Regards David Salter (Sydney)


Two years ago we purchased from a well know furnishing business their “top of the range” leather couch that started to “peel”. Searching the web for a solution we discovered Leather Restoration and their DIY kit’s. With some apprehension we sent Leather Restoration a sample colour piece one week later the DIY kit arrived. Following the repair instructions we have now repaired the couch. The repair colour match was “spot on” the couch is now back to its original condition.

Thanks Leather Restoration

If you are looking at your shabby leather lounge suite and say to yourself, I would love to have that rejuvinated but can't afford to get it professionally done, do what I did and go and see Pat Bates. He was very helpful and provided expert instruction, easy to follow written steps and a restoration kit. He was also at the end of the phone if I had any questions.

Having no prior restoration experience, I was concerned about the end result. The main thing is to have patience and to follow instructions. To my surprise all the scratches from the cat were removed and gave the leather a new plush look and smelt like a new lounge suite. My wife was very happy with the result. The kit cost about $350.

The only trouble I had was a couple of patches on the head of the armchairs would not dry. When I called Pat, he advised me this was due to the oil from our skin not allowing the resins in the colour to dry. He sent me a remedy for this. The outcome was great. So next time you are wondering are you capable of doing this don't hesitate, give Pat a call, it really isn't that hard.

Theo Mlinaric

Hi Pat, Just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the result I have got from my restoration project. Will definitely be recommending your products to my friends.

Kind regards, Sandy Longstaff

Product Testimonials

As a practicing leather professional myself and my technicians have been using Pat Bates’s Leather Restorations products for a little over 12 months now on a day to day basis. We have done hundreds of repairs big and small during this time without a single failure. Super Seal Filler, Leatha Menda and Spray Grain are stand outs. They offer us ease of repair that we have not had previously with other cold/hot cure products.

Thanks Pat, keep innovating.

P.S. I have also recommended Pat’s products to other leather professionals and they are enjoying the benefits also.

Best Regards, Graham

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