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pat-bates.jpgLeather Restoration Co's drive is to accomplish what you, the client, would hope for - leather repair and restoration products and services that will make your automotive or furniture leather look like it did when it was first delivered to you, whether the work is done by us, or you.

Our technicians are artisans with many years of experience in this trade. To restore an organic material like leather requires an understanding of both the aesthetics of that material, and the science behind it. We understand what leather is, and we understand the product chemistry it takes to restore it - to preserve the feel and performance that attracted you in the first place. Whether repairing a small area of damage, or a full colour restoration, our goal is to develop and provide products that achieve perfection in the result.

We are a family business, committed to providing the best products and service possible. We have a company philosophy, which is to be the absolute best at what we do. We have made a name for ourselves in the leather repair and leather restoration industry, and feel that we are a unique resource to this end.

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