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Leather Cleaning


Bring out the original look of your leather couch

Sometimes all your leather sofa needs to look like new again is a simple clean. Leather Restoration Co. in Melbourne can bring out the original look of your leather furniture once again with our high quality cleaning process. We also offer leather scratch repair (eg from cats, buckles, children) and can clean up other accidental damage to your leather furniture such as ink marks and nail polish spills. Once your couch has undergone a Leather Restoration Co. cleaning, it will look years younger!

Maintain your couch with our leather cleaning products

After your leather couch has been cleaned you will want to maintain its restored condition and look. This is easy when you use leather care products specially formulated by Leather Restoration Co. You’ll be able to clean and condition, moisturise, and protect your leather sofa so it lasts for years to come.

For many years Leather Restoration Co has been providing high quality leather furniture services across Melbourne. For all your leather furniture cleaning needs, contact us today.

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