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I had this antique desktop at my factory for 4 months to repair the stain issue on one side. As I do with most  projects as soon as they come in the door, I'm all enthusiastic with the new challenge and jump straight into it. And when issues occur, I also tend to slow right down. Let's just say it was gangbusters for 2 days then there it sat for the next 4 months! I was ever conscious that I would be getting a phone call from this customer and to be honest, when it did come, he was very tolerant and understanding. I just had to get it done by Easter. 

For a job that had that 2 steps forward, 45,000 steps back feel about it, I was pretty content with the final result considering  every possible bad thing that could have happened did! Then unbeknownst to me, this piece is going into an exhibition in one of the National Trust of Victoria's mansions and the customer wants a bio on me and make me a recommended restorer so I guess I've just moved 45,001 steps forward and am back in the black!

My wife informed me after this project that maybe I should remove desktop restoration from my repertoire. Within an hour of her advice, another desktop had arrived in my factory. Somebody has a sense of wanting to teach me something I guess!

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